Java Café™ first started its operations in October 2002 in the heart of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Java Café has come about to bring ‘A Lifestyle that encourages quality coffee drinking, a unique environment with an excellent service’.

Java Café™ as a business is in the sphere of retailing where ‘Retailing an Experience’ is what it constantly and consistently endeavours to do. At Java Cafe employees and service, beverages & food, ambience & display contributes to the ‘Overall experience’.

At Java Café™ for every consumer, there are magical moments. Our Cafes™ exudes joy and offers moments of affordable Indulgence, these moments are the centre of a lifestyle, warmth, passion and aroma that offers our consumers a multitude of different ways of experience.

Our mission statement will assure superior products and services with complete satisfaction, we commit creating the return to the communities where Java Café™ invests. In future, preserving and furthering the native Saudi Culture and customs will be our forte.

Our commitment to providing superior customer service and employee experiences will encourage all consumers to return repeatedly and would mark as an icon of tomorrow’s coffee world with a sip of perfection.
Java Café™ is simply an amazing team is dedicated to serving the best sip of life at its best. We would like you to patronize the elegance and the touch of our great. Barista skills and romance in the moods of aroma, with our objective to create Java Café™ as the third place away from home and office providing service with a yes attitude assuring that you have a reason to return.

Last but not the least is our team for whom we like to create a tremendous opportunity for a safe and rewarding work experience growth.

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