Traditional Essence

The beauty of the Arabian dessert experienced traveling through its varied country side music and arts language, culinary and magnificent architecture expresses their unique and relative historical cultures of each rich and distinctive region.

Java Café espresso blend represents using 100% Arabica beans from Columbia. The vivid characteristics of each region from choosing the best beans at its best in size shape and peak of it’s flavor the Arabica beans are selected and cultured, in traditional way of cultivation and intense heat of the roasting process of green raw beans which are nurtured into the volatile oils which gives our coffee beans a rich and flavored aroma. Espresso extraction as its said the combination of art and science combined together with the skills involved of the best grind setting which is a skill of art in getting the cup of perfection with its timely extract with the calibration of the espresso machine of 18 – 23 seconds. A pure shot of espresso 30 ml extract pours in with a subtle rich and intense velvety golden crema.

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